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Richard Khuzami CD "FUSED"

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1 Bazaar Bop
2 Burn That Beat
3 Nothing Lasts
4 Go With Me
5 The A Train to Hios
6 Malfouf
7 The Chase
8 Wings of a Songbird
9 Mayflower Daughter Marrakesh Lover
10 Faruk's Funk
11 Empress's Clothes
12 The Serpent
13 Expulsion
14 Burn That Beat Caribbean Mix

FUSED video Burn That Beat

Fusion of Middle eastern, Mediterranean, and Western Music, lyric in English.

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FUSED single tracks are available for download on iTunes

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The song "The Serpent" from FUSED has been added to the top 1000 anti war songs of all times.
Burn that Beat from FUSED was the #1 Ringtone Download on Flycell July 2-8.Check it out
Click Here to watch the debut video from FUSED entitled "Burn that Beat
Announcing Dahdoo Recordings Releases : Look for the upcoming AMALIA PAPASTEFANOU CD of Greek Island Music
"BURN THAT BEAT" Video picked up by RockAmerica for National release


A wise man entered my life. I had chanced upon rich vein, one that I had crossed many times without stopping to understand. It was the music and spirit of my ancestors. As I mined this vein, my life took a new deeper meaning. I started to understand who and what I was, for we are a sum of those who precede us.
And this man said to me: IN THE WEST MUSIC TELLS A STORY/IN THE EAST, IT PAINTS A PICTURE. And so, with this project I am celebrating both the land I call home and a land my spirit calls home.  AND PAINT A PICTURE THAT TELLS A STORY

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